This is the internet marketplace for economic development: It is a directory of the websites of important economic development agencies. Not every agency website is listed — only websites with significant information useful to consultants and business people deciding on communities or regions to contact for site selection negotiations.

Site selection consultants, consultants for economic development agencies, GIS suppliers, associations and research organizations in the field are listed separately.


Types of listings:

– The one line listing with your name and a hot button to your website is Free.

– The one column “Text Box” is $215 for 12 months.

– The two-column “Logo Box” is $340 for 12 months.

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Who uses the Directory?

An average of 25,000 – 35,000 viewers use the Directory in a month. Users fall into two major groups:

Worldwide:  People investigating new plants, offices, distribution facilities all over the United States, Canada and worldwide. –.site selection consultants, company executives and real estate department people in large, multi-location companies.

Local: People interested in what is being done to to keep employers in their communities and attract new employers. This group includes state, county and local government people, business people, and economnic development professionals.


How do they find the Directory? 

Indications are that 70% of the visits are from regular users who have this Directory on their list of Favorites or Bookmarks. The other 30% of the visits are from people referred to the Directory by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Ask Google for “Alabama economic development.” High up on the first page is this Economic Development Directory. (Or try any other state)


Why do they use the Directory? 

90% of the typical site selection decision is made behind closed doors. No company wants to prematurely  broadcast that they are thinking of moving or establishing a new plant/office/warehouse in a new loication. As one consultant put it: “Confidentiality must be maintained until the search is narrowed down to the final 5 or 6 communities for visits.”

The internet is the first and most important investigating tool for almost everyone — local business people, company real estate departments, consultants.

 “Economic Development Marketing” by Ubalde and Simundza makes this point clearly: “In the first three stages of a site selection — initial search, developing a long list of possible areas, and narrowing the long list down to a few finalists — site selectors are far more likely to visit a website than to make a call to the organization.”

Inquiries: Because the Directory is primarily used when site selectors need to preserve confidentiality, a listing or paid Box in the Directory will not produce many (or any) inquires. The inquiries for the 5 or 6 communities typically chosen for visits and final negotiations will come later, weeks or months later.