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Effingham County Industrial Development Authority

Savannah Economic Development Authority

The fastest growing port in   the nation. Skilled workforce and a diverse economy including   manufacturing, healthcare, government/military and a growing number of   creative and technical businesses. Savannah is vibrant and   forward-thinking with a progressive business community. Live well and   prosper. 

Screven County Development Authority

Comfortable, low-cost county 60   miles north of Savannah on Savannah River. Rural, agricultural community.   40% of present employment in manufacturing. Present manufacturers include   Koyo Bearings, KIng America (textile assistants), Metal-Con (structural   steel fabrication). State job credits $4000 per job. Freeport inventory   tax exemption.


Brantley County Development Authority

Camden County Joint Dev Auth

Development Authority of Walton County

Douglas-Coffee County Ch of Commerce and Industrial Dev

Liberty County Dev Authority

McIntosh County Development Authority

Okefenokee  Area Development Authority

Savannah Economic Dev Authority

Screven County Development Authority

Screven County Development Authority

Toombs County Development Association

Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce

Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority