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North Carolina Dept of Commerce

The North Carolina Department of Commerce's official economic development website ThriveNC.com offers helpful tools and relevant information for businesses locating or expanding in North Carolina. The site includes recent news articles and video testimonials, location tools and data, small business resources, state incentives and industry information. North Carolina’s great labor environment and skilled, productive workers, along with a comprehensive workforce development network and exceptional educational opportunities, ensure that people and businesses have what they need to Thrive.

Progress Energy Economic Development

Powerful customer support.  Vibrant, growing region   in central,eastern & western North Carolina, Central   Florida, northeastern South Carolina. Competitive tax rates. Multi-modal    transportation systems. Skilled, affordable labor. In each state: sites &   buildings; financial incentives; target industries; resource links.


Duke Energy Economic Development

Electricities of North Carolina

North Carolina Counties/Cities : US Census Bureau

North Carolina State Ports Authority

North Carolina Dept of Commerce

North Carolina Eco Dev Association

North Carolina's Elec Membership Corp

Progress Energy Economic Development