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Abilene Industrial Foundation

Amarillo Economic Development Corp

A hard working town with growing population and employment - an inexpensive place to live and operate a business. Best business climate in the state (Texas Business Magazine). Pleasant, mild, 4-season high-plains climate. Fiscally conservative, efficient city government with lowest property taxes in Texas for over-20,000 population cities, low electricity costs. Cash grants, interest-free loans for creating jobs. State and local incentives in Enterprise Zone. Foreign Trade Zone benefits international business. Detailed descriptions and photos of available

Midland Development Corp.

Midland, Texas, your Energy Epi-Center, at the top of the list for Aviation and Business/Professional Services. With a proven track record of attracting businesses, we can assist you as your organization grows and prospers. A reputation that precedes our name: Midland was named the Top City for Doing Business by Inc.com, One of the Top 5 Cities in the US for Business Location by Business Facilities, and the #1 Best Performing Small City in America by the Milken Institute. Midland, Texas -- A Great Place to Raise a Business.

Odessa Development Corporation

The High Ground of Texas

The High Ground of Texas is a regional economic development coalition that covers the northern 60 counties in Texas. The organization's primary focus is to market the region to new and expanding businesses, to promote opportunities that exist within the region, and to assist in the site selection process. Regional data is available on available sites, services, products, suppliers, incentives, funding sources, transportation, available labor, training sources, and other issues pertinent to your success. Contact us to find out why so many national companies have made their home in the High Ground of Texas!


Abilene Industrial Foundation

Amarillo Economic Development Corp

Andrews Economic Development Corp

Big Spring Economic Development Corp

Brownwood Economic Development

Business Dev Corp. (Vernon)

El Paso City Economic Development

El Paso Regional Economic Development Corp

El Paso Regional Economic Development Corp

Lubbock Eco Dev Alliance

Lubbock Economic Development Alliance

Midland Development Corp

Odessa Development Corp

San Angelo Ch of Commerce

Seminole Economic Development Corp

Snyder Economic Development Corp

Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development

The High Ground of Texas

Wichita Falls Board of Com