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Grant County EDC

Electric rates averaging 2.6 cents per KW hour, over 1,000 acres of available industrial zoned land, easy access to I-90, a fiber optics network, and a strong workforce make Grant County the ideal location for industrial and agricultural facilities.

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Spokane is a regional hub serving 2 million people with multi-modal transportation, business services, educational opportunities, medical care, cultural activities, and recreational access. Located in sunny eastern Washington, Spokane’s cost of doing business and living are below the national average. Major industries include advanced manufacturing, health care, distribution/logistics, and professional services.

Why Spokane?

  • 90,000 post-secondary students build the talent pool
  • Very low risk of natural disaster
  • Connected via International Airport, two Class 1 railroads, two transcontinental highways

New Vision - Yakima County Development Assoc.

Yakima County offers an ideal, accessible northwest location, with a lean entrepreneurial business climate and trainable and eager workforce. No traffic jams, low commute times, affordable housing options, four seasons and almost 300 days of sunshine yearly contribute to an enviable quality of life. Various options available for shovel-ready industrial zoned land. Natural hub for distribution centers, food processing and manufacturing. Excellent health care and higher education options. Affordable power and land rates.

Port of Walla Walla Economic Development

Haven for business in Southeastern Washington. Three colleges, skilled workforce, stable and diversified economy. 56,000 population growing 1% a year,        affordable housing, and superior school system. Walla Walla can provide your company with a cost-effective location supported by a quality workforce.


Goldendale Economic Development

Kittitas County Economic Dev

Klickitat County Eco Development

New Vision - Yakima County Dev Assoc.

Palouse Economic Development

Pasco Economic Development

Pierce County Economic Dev Division

Port of Walla Walla Economic Development

Port of Douglas County

Prosser Economic Development Association

Spokane Regional Site Selector

Thurston Economic Development Council

Yakima City Economic Development