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FairWinds Advisors

FairWinds Advisors, LLC is an independent economic incentive and site selection firm. With over 40 years of combined nationwide experience, the principals of FairWinds help clients define their projects and correlate those plans with available local, state, and federal incentives thereby reducing overall project and operating costs. FairWinds is an unbiased source of information and guidance.

D.E. Baetsen & Associates LLC

Site selection and comprehensive   credit and incentives management service. We identify   incentives and ensure they are realized. We manage the   negotiations on behalf of the client to secure all potential   federal, state and local incentives,  maximizing their   value.

Silverlode Consulting Corp

Silverlode Consulting has provided lucrative economic development solutions and game-changing analysis for public and private sector organizations across the business spectrum         and across North America. Our deep real-world experience leads to positive outcomes and dramatic financial opportunities for our clients.


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